Do you think Bill Goldberg took steroids?

I loved this guy…followed him since his debut in WCW. He was my favorite wrestler since. I know that wrestling is scripted…so technically all of these matches and such are pre-determined as to who is going to win. That’s not something that is deniable…proof is everywhere. So…if you’re one of those "goldberg was horrible, he couldn’t do anything, blah, blah, blah" people…don’t even go there. He made a LOT of money in that business. Wrestling is real and people do get hurt in reality. But I know the matches are planned and the wins are planned…because it’s entertainment. It is, in fact, a show…and I’m cool with that.

Anyway…I know that from a lot of wrestling interviews…many wrestlers have stated just how tough it is to ‘stay fit/big’ and how there are like 100+ people waiting to take your place, if you don’t. So…of course, a lot of wrestlers take steroids to heal from injuries more quickly, etc.

Of course, apparently Goldberg’s last match was in either 2004 or 2005…can’t remember. I know that he is an MMA announcer/commentator now. He bought a $2 million dollar house several years ago, and owns like 20+ vintage cars in great shape. I know that he is also little now…physically. In reality, he is not 6’4…he is apparently about 6’1.5 or 6’2. His weight was apparently 285/290ish in wrestling days, and he is about 270ish now. He looks quite small…and of course, I know that he isn’t working out very much nowadays…and hasn’t for some time. Except for the "Toe To Toe" things which seem to be helping him to get back into shape. I don’t know why he stopped working out…he was in awesome shape and had great size and strength.

But I saw matches where he literally military pressed people like Scott Steiner. He picked up Big Show for the Jackhammer in one of his matches. Regardless of the fact of whether Big Show’s knees bent and apparently ‘jumped up’ to help Goldberg pick him up…that’s like 400+ pounds of serious weight. He had t ɾąքҽ zius muscles that were just…outrageous, though they looked quite awesome on him. lol Just was wondering what everyone things…whether he was on steroids or not. I know in an interview one day….he mentioned that he ate about 12,000 calories a day.

It’s not a matter of whether he ‘cares’ about it or not. I’m not looking down on him or bashing him…even though he doesn’t wrestle anymore, he will always be my favorite wrestler from that time. He’s doing well and has come along quite well in life. Just was wondering about the time during wrestling.

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  • He was hench from his high school days. You could see him in his College football journes and he was massive compared to the others. He doesn’t look like the steroid type. Usually guys who take steroid gain much more definition. Like how Batista looks now. Goldberg wasn’t like that. Maybe he did but I’d not have guessed that.

    Hench – Big Shoulders, Massive arms. Bulky basically

  • Bill Goldberg Steroids

  • This is getting to be a serious joke. So now EVERYONE who has ever had anything to do with wrestling has taken/is on steroids? These people seriously need to shut their f*cking mouths unless it’s been reported as fact, & by the way, wikipedia doesn’t qualify as fact in any universe.

    Bill Goldberg has never taken steroids, he’s just a very large muscular man, who works out (used to) a very lot.

    Now please, for the love of Christ please quit saying everyone in the wrestling industry is on steroids! It’s really old & just shows how ignorant you truly are.

  • Don’t think so cause if he did then he would look like batista and his worms.

    Source(s): Goldberg was always clean.
  • Yes, but not nearly as much as Big Poppa Pump. I mean, Steiner’s been around since the early 80s, back then in his 20s he was big, but more of a solid bulky guy than puffy. Then as soon as he gets to WCW he turned into a vein-puppet.

    You could just get a blood transfusion from Steiner and have enough roids in your system to last a lifetime. Like what happened to SheHulk! hahah!

    Source(s): Oh COME ON! Who here Denies BIG POPPA PUMPS on roids?!!

    That’s like saying the Staypuft Marshmallowmans вυŧŧ don’t taste like sugar!

  • I too want to ask the same question

  • first of all he was not good at wrestling. he was a great actor in fact he was terrible on the mat.

    yes he took roids

  • No he didn’t. If you read his book they have pictures when he was in high school and he was big. He loved/loves working out.

  • Of course not!!! I love him!!!

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  • More than likely

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  1. If you think he wasn’t on steroids then you know nothing about bodybuilding and steroids so you have no business having an opinion.i have been in a gym for years with many steriod using including having a brother on steroids who has taken Test+Tren for over 5 years and myself who just started my first cycle of Test and not to mention have followed bodybuilding for 18 years,I can easily tell who is on steroids which is more than 90% of everyone in WWE and obviously could tell Goldberg was on something like Test+Tren in his prime


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