do you think britain is overpopulated now?

there are just far too many people here now, it is far too populated….not like when i was growing up through the 80’s.

should millions of people who are here be asked to leave?

3 Answers

  • Leave… and go where?

    And also – why? They’ve moved here legally, made lives here, pay taxes, go to school etc. Thousands of people from other countries work in the NS and other essential services. Or are there some who are ‘more’ or ‘less’ deserving? (Like men who sit in their apartments and complain about foreigners?)

  • I think the whole world is overpopulated. 

    Earth can not continue to sustain the exponential growth of humans. 

    We had better figure out something quick. 

  • It was overpopulated in the 80’s too.  Which people do you have in mind?

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