Do you think CM Punk had every right to walk out on the WWE back in 2014 ?

I’d say yes and no, Punk s body was banged up and he was forced to wrestle while hurt and couldn’t take time off to recover. So I understand that part of it but to say that he was held down in favor of guys like John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Triple H and The Undertaker ? That’s ludicrous, those guys were around before CM Punk and are more popular. Without Cena or Rock he wouldn’t have been able to do that 2011 pipe bomb speech or hold the WWE Championship for a year and a half. They even allowed him to use that Cult Of Personality song by Living Colour so it couldn’t have been that bad. But the WWE rejecting his outside offers (Movies UFC, TV shows) and giving them to Randy Orton or John Cena, then firing him on his wedding day with AJ Lee, that was uncalled for.

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  • Yeah, he can do what he wants and health is the most important thing.

    I don’t think the story is him being held down in favor of those guys, just him not getting the same main event treatment as those guys, there is no doubt he was at the top of the wwe.

    Seriously, put yourself in punks shoes, it’s not like he was the new kid on the block in 2014, he had earned a top spot in the company, he had been in wwe for a long time, he had been wrestling for a long time, he wrestled full time longer than the rock, Lesnar was only doing a few shows a year, undertaker was only doing wrestlemania, cena had already reached his peak, you could argue all those guys had already reached their peaks. It was time for wwe to go with punk at the top, Bryan, guys like that while they was red hot with the fans, the company didn’t though, oh, and don’t even get me started on all the broken promises that was made to punk.

    Seriously, how long would you stay in an environment like that, If you knew you was every bit as good and better than the people the company was putting above you, would you stay… just think about it

  • not many really know what happened there, so i wont assume too much. but what i do know is that he wasnt happy there or wrestling in general for a long time and held by contract. for over a year he couldnt wait for his contract to expire so he can leave wrestling for good.

  • It’s all fake so who cares

  • He essentially slapped in the face the fans who had purchased tickets for events he was scheduled to perform in — which demonstrated incredible immaturity. He may have had real and imaginary problems with the company….but how he pouted all the way home was ridiculous.

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