Do you think my trucker/boyfriend is cheating or hiding another relationship while I’m not there?

My boyfriend lives in New York and he’s a trucker. I live in another state about 2 hrs away. We both agreed on a long distance relationship since I’ll be relocating to New York very soon for college. My boyfriend is a full time trucker, but he only drives locally and comes home every night. I am suspecting he is cheating for a number of reasons..

1.) We never talk throughout the day. He texts me good morning every morning and I do not hear from him throughout the rest of the day, until the evening when he says he’s just getting home.

2.) He seems to go to bed really early for no reason. I know he may be tired from working, but sometimes its just unusually early.

3.) He’s always asking me am I being faithful, which is odd.

4.) He never calls. I know some people prefer to text, but a simple call would be appreciated here and there.

Does it seem like he’s cheating or hiding a relationship with someone else when I’m not there? I really love him and I don’t want to jump to conclusions.

2 Answers

  • 1) probably because HE’S DRIVING and BUSY

    2) I would be too if I had to drive a truck ALL day

    3) ok

    4) Tell him!

    this long distance relationship won’t work if you don’t have trust and communication

  • Maybe there is something you aren’t saying, but with the information you’ve provided there’s no actual evidence that he is unfaithful.

    This long distance is unhealthy for the relationship, as you’re both already questioning each other.

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