Does 3/4 cups mean 3 quarters of a cup?

I am reading a cake recipe

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  • Seriously where I am from fractions were in 3rd grade.

    What else would it mean?

  • Yes. If you were to cut a cup into 4 parts it would be 3 of those 4 parts.

  • Yes you are correct 😀 with your answer.

    three quarters of a cup = 3/4

    Source(s): ex chef
  • Yes, it does.

    Just think of it this way, you have 4 quarters ( which equals 1 dollar) you take 3 of those quarters. 3 out of 4 = 3 quarters

    3 out of 4 cups. kind of.

  • If it is by 4’s it is quarter’s (like 4 quarters in a dollar), so yes, 3/4 is 3 quarters.

  • yes it does. the bottom number is how many parts you evenly split a cup into and the top number is how many parts of that cup you put in. if the bottom number is a 2, it’s called half. if it’s a 3, a third. a 4, a quarter.

    i wish i could make a cake. i can’t cook for my life. haha. good luck :]

  • yes it does. Divide a cup into 4 parts, and use only 3 of them.

    Or, use 1/4 cup measure three times.

  • how do u meaure 3/4 without a measure cup

  • yes dear 3/4 cup means 3 quaters of a cup…

  • If a liquid measure, fill it to 3/4 on the side of the liquid measuring glass there should be a line.

  • Yes.

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