Does a 2007 Kia Optima have an AUX jack?

okay so today i was coming home from the mall and i happened to hit the mode button on my steering wheel and the radio went to AUX which has never happened before so i was wtf. so i changed the mode again and cycled through the modes and went back to AUX then i turned my car off and then back on and then the AUX channel wouldnt come on anymore.. when it was on the AUX channel there were popping noises

1 Answer

  • The AUX jack should be easy to see, unless it is in back of the radio. In that case yo have to take out the radio to see behind it.With any luck, the owner’s manual will tell you about this so you won’t need to take things apart. That AUX may allow a factory CD player to be added and plugged into the radio, or somepart of its wiring harness. First, look in your owner’s manual.

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