does a cash register tell you how much money to give back?

i wanna apply at hot topic, and im terrible at math…… will a cash register tell u how much to give back to the costumer or do u have to do it in your head

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  • Modern Cash Register

  • YES. Newer modern cash registers tell you how much to give back. However they won’t explain in what form to give it back. So you need to practice at home counting money so you can be quicker at it.

    Things to learn would be that 5 20 dollar bills equals 100 dollars. So when you have to give change of 100 you quickly know to count out 5 20s.

    If you put the proper cash form of payment in then the register will tell you what to give back. Best thing to do is look at what they handed you and repeat out loud what they handed you (sometimes people think they gave you a 20 but only handed you a 10 dollar bill. So loudly repeat "out of 10 dollars" to alert them that they handed you a 10 dollar bill). I would practice at home with change and monopoly money to get quicker handing back change.

    If hired they will train you how to use the register for several weeks until they are sure you can handle it on your own. It is pretty easy after you learn how to use their register. Most people pay with credit cards now so you will see less cash anyway.

    On a cash register if you type in the exact amount they hand you then the register calculates it for you. Say they gave you $10.36 then the cash register will tell you the exact amount to hand back. BUT be aware to look at the customer and make sure they aren’t grabbing for change in their pockets. Say the total purchase was 9.83 Too many people will hand you a 20 and after you type it into the cash register will say "OH wait! I have some change!" And then hand you the 85 cents they also owed. So now you do have to calculate the change back (since you told the register only 20 dollars was given but now you were given 20 dollars and 85 cents). So the best thing to do is look at the person, tell them the total, repeat what they hand you and then look at them to make sure they aren’t looking in their pockets for change. Then enter the amount given to you into the register.

    It is really easy after they train you. You will get the hang of it. AND if you are worried bring a small calculator to keep in your pocket. You can always have that handy in case someone gives you more money after you already entered it into the cash register, like the scenario I gave you.

    Source(s): Years of retail work
  • Regardless if the register tells you how much change to give, why not work on your math skills. As an employer, if I had a position oƿє-ṅєd and one is good at math and the other is not (all else being equal) the one who can do math is hired. Do yourself a favor learn math…life is filled with math and you can’t always take shortcuts.

    On a side note, you may want to work on your spelling and grammar.

  • They often do, if you type in the exact amount the customer gives you. At the restaurant I used to cashier at, I would normally just do the math in my head and hit the button to automatically open the drawer, but during a rush, I sometimes felt too rushed to think straight (and ended up short a couple of times), so I just learned to type the numbers in faster.

  • Some will show the change due to the customer, keep a calculator handy.

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