Does Andrew Vanwyngarden (singer in MGMT) have a girlfriend?

anybody knows?

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  • He had a gf earlier this year. (1st link) I heard Andrew & his gf Amanda had broken up about a month and a half ago and shortly after read an interview (2nd link) with Ben where he stated Andrew was now homeless. And then a later interview article talking about them inviting pretty girls on their tour bus. That with the tidbit from the NME video about wanting to be like Robert Plant circa ’60’s for obvious reasons. They are young and rockstars and not part of the Osmond family so…. Men are horny little beasts and hormones will rage.

    Purely speculation of course…only the involved parties know for sure. It’s all about the music anyway right?


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    Does Andrew Vanwyngarden (singer in MGMT) have a girlfriend?

    anybody knows?

  • 1) He dated Fabiola Gatti for a while, they broke up earlier this year. There’s proof everywhere, just google them and you’ll find links, pics, press, everything. 2) I’ve heard rumous about Andrew dating some “irish model” but they’re 100% fake. That irish wannabe model sold fake stories about him to further her so called “modelling” career, stories came out in her local irish paper!! If those stories were true they would be everywhere, not just some small time publication run by her mum’s school friend. That “model” goes to mgmt shows all the time, my friends have seen her, she’s like that other girl Veronica Grey, they follow Andrew everywhere, even to the grammys apparently (poor guy) stalking him and making up stories about him and posting ridiculous videos on youtube. It’s quite SAD.

  • lol the Jonas brothers *brilliant answer*

    Now seriously, apparently he doesn’t have a GF but he said he has a huge crush on a famous girl but he didn’t say who this girl was.

    I would guess..maybe an actress or a singer, or a model like the song says.


    He was dating Fabiola Gatti but they split up. She’s an anglo italian girl, lead singer in Dream Tribes. I don’t know where you got Norway from?

  • “Joanna give me hop” is SO RIGHT (lol what a cool name!)

    I’m obsessed with Andrew myself, some say I suffer from MGMTitis, but it’s not really about the music, it’s pretty much about Andrew.

    Basically Andrew should make it interesting for us the fans, and do what true rockstars do (think Pete Doherty, Johnny Borrell, etc etc).

  • Andrew’s so HOT! and talented! I luuuv him and his music!

    It makes sense that he’s in love with a famous girl, I’m not surprised, a guy like him would never be interested in some looser waitress or average girl next door.

    pretty obvious!

  • Who’s the famous girl? he should ask her out. he’s really good looking. If she says no then he should ask me out HAHA

  • I didn’t know the answer but I checked the links so I second Levi T ‘s answer 😛

    I think Andrew did the right thing, dumping his gf was very wise. I would NEVER be in love with him or obsessed with his band if I knew he had a girlfriend back home, it makes him seem too normal, Osmond-like, Brady bunch, etc..Lol. It just kills his rockstar image.

    There’s something really appealing about bad boys, rockstars, and being up to mischief, inviting pretty girls on their tour bus, it’s really appealing!

    I don’t mind if he starts dating the famous girl, cos that’s different, I would expect that, and accept it, all rockstars date hot famous girls.

    But dating the girl next door kills his image completely. Kinda devalues him, and could kill his career for good. I’m not saying his career depends on us 18 year old girls having a crush on Andrew but we are a powerfull lot and if we lose interest that’s the end.

    The music is important, but it’s not ALL about the music. I started listening to Mgmt cos Andrew is HOT. period.

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