does any body know the lyrics to the song WHO KILLED JESUS?

part of the song goes something like this. Who killed jesus many years ago.Who is quilty of a crime so low. Was it Roman soilders with their tools of war

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  • "Who Killed Jesus? I Would Like To Know."

    Who killed Jesus? I would like to know.

    Who is guilty of a crime so low?

    Why did He have to die?

    What is the reason why?

    Who killed Jesus? I would like to know.

    Was it Roman Soldiers, with their tools of war?

    Pounding nails through hands that did no wrong.

    Mocking and abusing, crowning Him with thorns,

    All the evidence is very clear.

    Was it Pontius Pilate, he was Governor,

    Trying to decide the case that day?

    Finding that the Savior had no fault His own,

    Was he guilty when he turned away?

    Was it Hebrew children, proud of who they were?

    Shouting "Crucify Him" to their King.

    Rejecting their Messiah for a common thief

    Turning down the Kingdom He could bring.

    When I think of Jesus, and the way He died,

    How upon Him all my sin was lain.

    All the other people, fade away from view,

    It's for me the Sacrifice was made.

    I no longer wonder anymore,

    I have found what I've been searching for;

    My sin demanded Hell, on Him the Judgment fell,

    I am guilty, now it's plain to see,

    that it was really me!

  • Who Killed Jesus Lyrics

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    Marduk is good but I prefer Cannibal Corpse's Dismembered and Molested (I'm pretty sure that's about Jesus).


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