Does any one know where or can get this inMotley crue font?

i need this in the motley crue font:


3 Answers

  • Here you go –

    Everything is alphabetized, just scroll down until you see Motley Crue.

  • Motley Crue Font


    I grew up in the 80’s and was a HUGE Crue fan back then… still am now. I think Motley Crue is still relevant because they had an original sound, and original music. There are many bands that you can hear on the radio, and if you don’t know the song, it may take you a bit to figure out who they are… Motley Crue, you will know right away. Their originality in their music (even though it’s simple) and their large number of hits makes them very relevant. They can still sell out large arenas unlike some of their competetors of the era. Also Motley Crue was known to put albums together where EVERY song was strong… which is very rare. Usually, you buy an album and like maybe 2 or 3 songs, and the rest are forgettable. Motley Crue would come out with VERY solid albums where each song was original and powerful.

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