Does anybody know some good popular VIETNAMESE KARAOKE SONGS I can learn? Hopefully some current ones.?

I misphrased the question earlier. I recently learned to sing VIETNAMESE and I need to add some great if not good songs.

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  • Sorry, I don’t know current ones. But some good "classic" (oldies).

    The all time hit: NẮNG CHIỀU

    Easy to karaoke.

    If you want to make your audience swing their legs: SÀI GÒN

    to be warned, very fast for karaoke.

    If there’re Chinese among your audience and you want to pretend to be romantic 🙂 MÙA THU LÁ BAY

    which is not an original Vietnamese song, a cover version of a Chinese song.

    If your audience is 40+ and you want to be funny: TRƯỜNG SƠN ĐÔNG TRƯỜNG SƠN TÂY

    It’s a song from north Vietnam, i.e. became popular in south Vietnam via communist since 1975. It can be sung in duet.

    If you want to impress Vietnamese and Chinese then sing MÙA THU LÁ BAY in half Vietnamese and half Chinese.


    If you have further discussion you are welcome to:

    Phuoc Can HUA

  • Vietnamese Karaoke Songs With Lyrics

  • Garth Brooks – Friends in Low Places – The best country karaoke song of all time.

  • try googling it

    u might get something out of it

    or ask ur parents which apparently would be vietnamese like u and have some songs on cd and u can slowly learn to sing

  • duy manh- hay ve day ben anh

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