Does anybody know the words to the martin morning theme song?

i know, its sad. oh its a show on ABC kids in the morning and i want to know the words!

3 Answers

  • This is sad i no.

    Martin Morning every morning when you open your eyes

    Martin Morning your always in for a big suprise

    you might be a dragon with a tail(with a tail)

    a witch or a caveman hunting down a trail

    Gromo’s your friend and biggest fan

    your favorite girlfriend is roxan (you sure do make a great dragon)

    Martin Morning secret agent and vampire too

    martin morning we will never be bored with you

    martin morning your something different everyday

    martin morning adventure is your middle name

    (it only happens to me)

    hope helps >_<

  • Martin Morning

  • i dont know the full song coz i havent watched that show in AGES haha lol, but i can remember:

    Martin Morning, Secret agent and vampire too.

    Martin Morning, we could never be bored with you.

    Martin Morning, your something different everyday.

    Martin Morning, adventure is your middle Name.

    (Every morning its the same thing.)

    haha lol, its sad, i know. school holiday boredom (y) lol

    hope this helps.xx

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