Does anyone else think the Today show on NBC ꜱᴜcκs?

Does anyone else think the Today show on NBC ꜱᴜcκs? If so, please share your reasons with me.

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  • Well, it’s better than Good Morning America, at any rate.

  • Yes NBC today ꜱᴜcκs , very little news ,the weather is not bad until it gets to NY, or Boston. The Today Show should be called ET this morning . I don’t watch ET either, both shows ꜱᴜcκ.

  • The news is not even relevant to what is going on in the world. But it’s not just this show all of the so called main stream media ꜱᴜcκs. Basically it’s all propaganda to keep the masses stupid. The best thing to do is not watch and not buy any of the manure they are shoveling.

  • It now takes 9 people to do the show when it all started with one man and a chimp. All of the are very unprofessional as they talk all over each other especially the women. I do not put the TV on till nigh but have to wake up to the noise every morning because the women in the hose have to have it on

  • Least newsworthy morning show-more fluff than substance-better off watching Access Hollywood as it’s only a half hour instead of four. It seems as if they rush through the first 15 minutes of generic news in order to get to the fluff. weekend show is even worse. Fourth hour of Today Show completely worthless. Forced to watch as I’m a master control op for one of their affiliates-at least we have CBS Morning News as well which is far superior.

  • I find the screaming fans outside of the studio annoying. This show is utterly worthless and I really find it hard to believe that the whole group really gets along that well. They should get over their smug selves and report the the news. I don’t need Al Roker to tell me to dress in layers when it’s cold out. What’s next ? " Don’ run with scissors" Keep Darlene and Michael, get rid of the rest.

  • I quit watching it after Hurricane Katrina hit. In fact, it was after the hurricane and before the levees broke. Matt made a comment about the people were warned to evacuate. In light of what happened next, I’d bet that his comment was soon deleted from their files. But I saw it and couldn’t believe it.

  • If One thinks the Today show ꜱᴜcκs, then either change the channel to something else or turn the TV off. Good time for some morning exercise!

    If your Time is really Precious & Valuable, is it worth spending your Time watching TV? Use your Time well, One can not buy back any hours spent.

    Source(s): retired & loving.Life
  • They are all crap. I tune in to get the weather and I have to wait through “How to buy high fashion on the cheap.” I don’t care. They’ve all decided to sensationalize the news and it’s more like small-town gossip. There are few facts, just speculation and opinions. Cheap talk shows.

  • I’m not sure that there is a person on TV that I dislike more than Matt Lauer, well maybe Savannah Guthrie.

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  1. Today show totally sucks..Walmart of news while selling food, bad music, completely biased left.
    Hosts suck, boring, just shut up.They perfected mediocrity..congrats

  2. The Science Channel is more informative. I quit NBC. They are the thought police and want to tell you what to think

  3. These people just can’t shut the hell up ,al roker is a joke the cast is now 99 percent black, hoda and jenna talk over each other when they interview thay cut them off because of time why even bother to much time to bullshit !

  4. I totally agree with the previous messages. The women are especially silly. I wish they would go back to being professional and demonstrate how actual working woman act. Their outfits are not professional, their quips are not funny, and the constant giggles. Stop playing ditzy, you are well educated women.

    I am surprised with Savannah, she was a White House correspondent and has a law decree. The show has made her a dummy. HODA is the worst. Although people say she is genuine, she has the same smile and expression for everything. And the crocodile tears. I find her a huge disappointment and distraction as a news personality. If I have to hear about her adopting another child as she takes on yet another NBC project, I will barf. Nice gesture but I don’t care. In fact I have less respect for her.

    Yes NBC wanted the to soften the morning news and start us on our sunshiny way, and yes they had exceeded in being soft.

    In contrast I especially like Lester Holt and Willie Geist. This two gentlemen know their roles and do an outstanding job week after week.

    But NBC must reinvent the TODAY show.

  5. They lie and omit ‘facts’, then make up their own. This morning Craig Melvin out right lied as did his guest Raven concerning the bill in Florida that none of the main stream media can get correct. Both Craig and ‘guest’ Raven stated it is a ‘do not say gay’ bill when in fact it isn’t. If they would bother to read the actual 7 page bill, the word gay is no where to be found. It’s a parental right bill and children 3rd grade and under are not to be taught about sexuality or gender. That’s it. No big deal but of course the freak liberals lie and make it one.
    Just another example of lies and liberal bias. The show is total crap and all of them lie and must live in a world of sunshine and rainbows. So stupid. Hoda is the biggest fake of all.
    I have to listen, as it is on where I work and I don’t control the remote. 🙂
    FOX News is way better in the morning.


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