Does anyone have a good nickname for sophie (not soph please)?

i hope you can come up with something before feb. 20!!!

21 Answers

  • Soie, (sew-ee) seems to be a cute nickname. Or you can take the middle name and combine the two. Example: My niece is named Kayla Isabel, so I call her K-bel. Mixing first and middle names can often sound absolutely adorable.

  • Nicknames For Sophie

  • My friends sister is called Sia short for Sophie

  • Phi-phi (fee-fee) Anna Annie Good luck getting everyone to agree to that though. Once you’ve got a nickname that everyone calls you, it’s hard to shake. Believe me

  • In my opinion, there is no nickname for Sophie. It’s such a beautiful name, on of my favorites, and if i were to use it for my child i would use it in its entirety at all times and not use a nickname. That would just be silly. And if it were my name i would want everyone to call me by the full name.

  • How about Fee, or Fifi?

    It’s a little frou-frou, but I’m assuming you’re not putting it on a business card. 🙂

  • My dog’s name is Sophie and sometimes we call he Phee-Phee, or Soapie

  • So So?

    What is the middle name. Maybe coming parts of each will make something cute. Otherwise if it is Rose, you could call her SR.

  • Fifi… but she will get Sophe at school…

  • Phi-Phi (pronounced Fifi)

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