Does anyone know how many asians their are?

As in like(Chinese, Japanese, Korean…..etc) well if you do know how many race their is in Asians please do tell me… that would be great!

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  • people of east asian descent make up

    22% of the earths population

    about 2.2 billion

    At that after ideals of imperalism and such went away starting in the late 18th century it took only another 2 centurys for these ideals to fully take affect. You can latter see that after france had a empire lasting of 600 years and after the Spanish had an empire lasting for about 900 years or longer the people of these nations felt remorse and pity for those of the opporsed, so the idea of being free tolerant and liberal or say left ideals started to come to play, at that left ideals had dominated in some early soceitys of the middle east and south central Europe but at the moment in time and throughout most of europes history espically 700b.c. and so on strong monarchys and later facist states emerged, communism was the far enemy but this to say the farthest and most radical state of the left further came into play espically in the early and to end of the 20th century and know to the still present peoples republic of china..however to say that a certain group Is dying out isn’t entirely true. Rather The # of Blacks is increasing a lot and the # of East Asian descents of people. The # of Hispanics or to say latino’s is reaching its Fullest point and estimates that South America like Europe will start to decline or be at a stand still steady.. Know to the rapid increase in Africa is not all that good but its to say that after the Europeans left and what I mean is not all Europeans sense there is present to over 500 ethnic groups in Europe but rather the domiant European countrys decided to leave Africa, the land they had cut up and divided made the tribes and sectors as you could say fight against one another..many things were also picked up some historians argue that the torture that happens to some prisoners of war in African cultures know or tribes was picked up from the belgiums who were generally known for their infatuation with torture and brutal tactics to the thousands of natives they killed and worked to death..Keep in mind africa’s population for most of history had been filled with hunter gather lifestyle and farming lifestyles, and after being under such control and that control leaving of course it would increase..however prior to the 17th century or 18th africas population had never made up a large % of the earths at all rather the largest % increase in Africa was that of the northern region inhabited by middle eastern muslims and southern Spanish Christians and some Italians..The rapid destruction of many borders by the Europeans may have all been bad but set up’s of food and their fields of food were left intact, thus in a way argicutlure kicked off even more..and this is the current trend of increase many people being born and living, the only problem is the problems with education, clean water, and disease, Africa will soon in the next century have to deal with all the children of know who will be older and will die off but not live as long as some people in japan or Europe are living, because many countries in Africa do not have the wealth or gdp or healthcare or say the quality of life to live into your late 60’ 70’ and 80’s thus when that age dies out their will be little hands in the workforce and an increased aged population..You may ask how Europe is fighting this? They increasing immigration but know are decreasing that? In Ireland and Russia measures of promoting child beahring is increasing, thousands of nationalist or Russia are having more children but this will only help so much to Russia sense men die so much more than women, due to gang violence and alcoholism and suicide..drug use atrritubted to massive amounts of drinking and of course the drug of choice is alcohol are a problem..

    Know As of know East Asians make up 22% of the earths population

    Whites no longer make up say a 30% or up to 45% as did during roman times or the bc to the 900 b.c. they are know at

    17%- 19%

    If you want but shouldn’t you can count Hispanics in to increase that # but those aren’t true whites

    Some People

    Belive that the rich

    So those holding the most money whites and Asians will hope to move from earth

    Perhaps to space and start a new life over were the control can be more and they can regulate who stays and who goes

    I mean there are not many ways to get to outer space imagine the ideal place of set up a government could wish to set up

    In the near future this will happen perhaps in 15 years

    More than likely in the next 100


    You pay more you get to live this great lifestyle and such

    But you will be monitored and only the people they want can live their

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    Does anyone know how many asians their are?

    As in like(Chinese, Japanese, Korean…..etc) well if you do know how many race their is in Asians please do tell me… that would be great!

  • Like… ethnicities? There are quite a lot… Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Viet, Filipino, Cambodian, Thai, Laotian, Hmong… I’m pretty sure there’s tons more.

  • Asia has 4.3 billion inhabitants accounting for 60% of the world population. They all have their own preferences , just like the rest of us… we like what we know, we like what we trust, we like what we don’t fear .. we are living creatures with similar likes and dislikes as other living creatures

  • well over two billion. probably more than 3 billion. there is no way i am going to count them all though

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