Does anyone know the meaning behind the lyrics of that old Blues Traveler song “Run Around”?

I think this girl I used to like a lot might have prank called a friend of mine with this song. Just wondering what it might mean. I don't quite get the lyrics.

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  • Your old girl pal is probably telling your buddy he's a player.

  • The song is believed to be about an argument John Popper has with a female friend of his. She was also the subject of a later song, "Felicia".[2] The song is also suspected to be about John Popper's relationship with Spin Doctor's frontman Chris Barron at the height of their fame. The evidence being the lyrics "a trusted friend" as well as "it doesn't have to rhyme". Barron is notorious for his clever rhyming. The song was originally sung a lot slower than it is today. This is because it is written as more of a depressed song, but it was sped up before it was recorded. Starting in late 1998, the band began experimenting with a different sound. This new version of the song, referred to as "****** Run," brings out the depressed and slower side of the song that Popper felt when it was written. However, when this version is performed it always segues into another song.[3] The last half of the song is sung as the normal version.

  • John Popper wrote this about his problems with women. He was frustrated that he could not become more than friends with any of them.

    Their first hit. It launched Blues Traveler into the mainstream after 7 years of touring and 3 previous albums.

    This stayed on the US chart for a record 49 consecutive weeks.

    In 1995, Blues Traveler performed this on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. They were asked to go on when Prince canceled.

    This won the 1995 Grammy for Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal.

    Their next album contained a song called "Most Precarious," which sounded very similar to this. They were trying to come up with a another hit, but failed.

    Part of the first line of the song was taken from The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe: "Once upon a midnight dreary, I woke with something in my head." (thanks, Sara - Madison, WI)

  • Hook Blues Traveler Lyrics

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