does anyone know where on a pc to put these parts?

first time ever getting a pc rather than a laptop and received these parts inside the pc.

, i don’t know what to do with them! don’t know if problem is unrelated but monitor also has no signal when attempting to turn on even though it is connected to the hdmi port 

2 Answers

  • Antennae for your wifi card – they screw onto the threaded studs sticking out the slot on the back. Extra slot cover removed when the wifi card was installed. You posted a picture earlier of your screen showing the BIOS menu, so what did you do to the monitor?

  • Aren’t those 2 black things, antennae. Wouldn’t they be used for WiFi signal. So you’ll need a WiFi card to install those 2 antennae. 

    The metal thing looks like it’s a panel (don’t know the exact word) that’s used to keep dust from getting into the inside of the computer. You remove it when you install a card. If you look at the back of the tower, you should see slots. That’s that metal piece. 

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