Does anyone know who H&M uses for shipping in the U.S?

I ordered some things from H&M but have no idea who they are shipping with.

I did go to tracking, but it doesn’t tell who the carrier is. I pasted the tracking number in USPS, UPS

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  • The tracking # should give you a clue

  • H&m Tracking

  • It’s not a major shipping company originally I don’t believe, it’s sent from a company named Hermes which is an international company so once it gets to the US I believe it gets picked up by USPS. I live in Orlando and it took me about a week and some odd days to get my package.

  • Hm Shipping

  • h&m ships with USPS. (that is the United states Postal service) it is the regular postal service that delivers your mail. the tracking number they give you that might start with a ‘U’ is not the tracking number you use to track through USPS. there is another tracking number listed right above the actual tracking information.

  • log in to your h&m account and click order status and history then on the black line above where it says status:shipped it should say track package in parenthesis then click on the track package and it ll let you track it. It will give u a different tracking number and that is the usps one so u can track it through there as well

  • If you log onto your H&M account you can see where your package is. I am having the same problem, I ordered something a few days ago and put the tracking number in ups, fedex, usps and I got nothing….

    *update* USPS

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  • Contact their customer service department. They will have the information if you have your ordering details.

  • USPS

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