Does anyone remember the old Hot Wheels slogan?

I remember the old Hot Wheels slogan, but only a few other people kind of remember it. I remember it clear as day. Does anyone else remember it? I think it was much better.

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  • The first year for the

    Hot Wheels lineup

    came in '68...

    This introduced the free wheeling

    technology which would propel the

    "sweet sixteen"

    over the competition and referred

    to simply as the redlines

    {signifying the redline on each of

    the tires}

    In 1970 - when the redlines were

    flying off the shelves Hot Wheels

    came up with it's FIRST slogan

    for it's new lineup

    " Go With The Winner "

    This was a direct challenge to the

    competition and pointed the way

    for the parents of the little boys who

    could not wait to get their hands on

    these fast moving die-cast cars ....

    In 1974 - Hot Wheels would add

    another slogan to point out their

    flamboyant and brightly colored

    funny cars ...

    " Flying Colors "

    This spelled " Doom " for Johnny Lightning

    and Matchbox -- as they were both left at

    the starting line and would never be able to

    catch up - ever again

    { Matchbox would eventually be bought out

    by Mattel and retain the Matchbox insignia,

    but would never compete to Hot Wheels }


    Another person asked about the very first of

    the Hot Wheels ... to which you will find the

    answer { with links } on this page ...;_ylt=AvxMW...


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  • Hot Wheels Slogan

  • Wasn't it "Hot Wheels: Leading the way!" ?

  • Hot wheels has had several slogansincluding both "beat that" "lead the way" and "think fast" i know there was more but i do not know them all

  • Hot wheels GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! lol! no it was something in that region like can you collect them all?

  • For the best answers, search on this site

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