does doan’s kidney pills exist?

argument with a stubborn woman

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  • Yes and no. Doan’s used to be called Doan’s Kidney pills back in 1918. Over the years, the name was changed to Doan’s Backache pills.

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  • Yes they do but they are actually called Doan’s backache Pills they are used for pain in the lower back due to kidney infections.

  • nope. Doan’s Back Pills.

  • Nope….Doan’s back pills. (tee-hee) Your stubborn woman is wrong this time. It will NOT happen often but on very RARE occasions women have been known to be misinformed! Usually that misinformation comes from a MAN, though! (tee-hee)

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  • They do not under the name of kidney pills. The reason for this is the fda or gov. Ruled that this product had nneffect n the kidneys

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