Does dollar general sell distilled water?

7 Answers

  • The ones I have gone to have for $1 plus tax. Distilled water seems to be cheapest at Walmart at 80 cents plus tax. However you may live in an area where prices might be a little higher

  • Dollar stores generally don't. But you can distill your own water at home for free.

  • most people do not realize that distilled water is expensive--most water you buy is nothing but city water run through a filter--distilled water is made the same way moonshine is made in the final run!

  • no. just some drinking water, vitamin water smart water and spring water. you can get distilled water cheaply at walmart or kroger. even publix

  • I have got some from there before. Maybe check with your local store 🙂

  • Yeah, I buy mine from there

  • no

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