Does Druddigon Evolve? And at what level does it Evolve if it does.?

I Was just playing Pokemon White, And caught a Druddigon. I Want to know if it evolves and What Level. Im Almost at my last badge and i wanna know more about them (Sence its my first GOOD Pokemon i caught in white) I Dont really need anyone to Reply i just wanted to find out. I Probily already know it doesn’t/does Evolve. So i just wanted to post it.

3 Answers

  • No it doesn’t. For the 8th gym you’re better off getting an ice-type like beartic (evolve cubchoo) or Vanillish (evolve Vanillite), that way the dragon type attcks won’t be super effective if they hit while with Durddigon they would.

  • Pokemon White Evolution Chart

  • Druddigon does not evolve.

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