Does Frys install car stereos for free?

I couldn’t find any information on their website and was wondering if any of you here knew the answer.

That’s what I thought. I bought a stereo at Best Buy and then someone said that if you buy one from Frys they install it for free.

3 Answers

  • As far as I know no shop install anything for free. What would be the point of a shop if everything was installed for free? They would be out of business quick. That is how they make money is the installs. If Frys is like walmart then you buy an install card to get installation done and it is not cheap.

    You won’t find any shop that does free installation unless it is during a holiday and that is if you are lucky and catch that deal.

  • Frys Car Stereo

  • I have a 2012 Kia Rio5. I have the factory deck, still, but put two 12 s in the back. I also put aftermarket speakers in all 4doors. The amp to the subs is more than enough to push those, so, here s what one guy told me (if I m remembering correctly); The factory deck is probably a 2 amp stereo, and that I need to upgrade to an aftermarket deck with 4 amps. Something I read told me that it could be, is that, the computers in newer cars could be switching the radio off due to the cpu getting confused as to why so much power is going somewhere else.

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