does home depot cut plexiglass?

i need plexiglass for my aquarium top.

Does home depot cut plexiglass? if so how much do they charge?

i also want to know if they can cut in an irregular shape such as

this shape


w/ six sides

the empty space is to accommodate my filter heater etc.

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  • I used a fine tooth jig saw blade in a jig saw. Then file the edges for a final fit. My wife dropper her laptop and shattered the Plexiglas covering over the screen. Gateway wanted $400 to repair. I used a fine tooth jigsaw to cut a Plexiglas cover to fit for less than $20. Works fine.

    On the four sides (away from the L-shaped cutout), you can scribe the lines deeply and break the Plexiglas, just like regular glass. Clamp the Plexiglas to a bench with a hardwood clam along the score line, then break away the unneeded Plexiglas. Use this procedure years ago to make Plexiglas covers for moving map displays.

    If HD doesn’t have the tools or skills, you’re on your own. And they may not have the size large enough or thick enough to support its own weight.

  • Home Depot Plexiglass

  • Plexiglass Home Depot

  • When I worked at Home Depot (for 6 years) we never cut plexiglas because we didn’t have the proper tooling to do it right without severe chipping. I worked there when the founders of the company were still in charge and we put a premium on customer service, but if you try to cut acrylic with the crude wood saws they have there, it not only produces a bad result, it is potentially quite dangerous. Also, the quality of the acrylic at a home center isn’t nearly as high as actual Plexiglas brand. There is absolutely no way they could cut to the shape in your drawing, sorry.

    Your best bet is to go to an acrylic supply company or someone that uses a lot of it, like a display manufacturer or exhibit house. These types of companies may also have scrap pieces they can cut down for you for a minimal price. A glass company may also have what you’re looking for and the tooling to make your “L” shape. There are special blades for cutting acrylic on a table saw that don’t cause chipping on the bottom and produce a clean, smooth edge, but if you find a piece big enough, you can take it to a local cabinet shop and ask them to cut it using a freshly sharpened crosscut blade. If you have the option, buy extruded plexiglas (plexiglas G), rather than cast (plexiglas MC) as it is much less brittle. Theoretically, you could cut your shape out on a band saw if you were very careful to make straight cuts and you could sand the edges to make them smooth and even. Use a fine file to round over sharp edges and corners no matter what method you use.


    I don’t know that Home Depot cuts “plastic” sheeting at all, though they will cut woods. I’m pretty sure they only make straight cuts though (the first cut may be free), not curves or angled lines. You might want to check out a plastics store though, since they’ll usually cut plastics into almost any shapes, etc. If you don’t have any in your area (look in the Yellow Pages under plastics suppliers), you might be able to find someone who works with fiberglass that would have the equipment, etc.

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  • I know the one by me only carries a small qty of plexiglass and they do cut it, but other wise you have to order it to size and thickness

  • Not the one in Belmead Tx or Waco Tx

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  • No, but they do sell the too for you to use to cut it.

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