Does Home Depot or Lowe’s Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

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  • Benjamin Moore paint is mostly sold through independently owned paint stores. Use the first link below to input your zip code or address to find a store near you. The second link has lots of info, and the Explore Color section has a Paint Your Room Online app that lets you see the color on your wall before you buy it.

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  • Benjamin Moore does not sell through big box stores like Lowes or Home Depot. They only sell through professional independent paint stores or hardware stores. As has been stated, there is no connection between Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams; they are competitors. Most stores can match Benjamin Moore colors IN THEIR PAINT, but it will not be Benjamin Moore paint. Therefore, with a matched color In a different brand you will not get the quality and features that you would expect from Benjamin Moore Paint.

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    Does Home Depot or Lowe’s Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

  • If you go to a paint store, and not just a huge bargin warehouse to buy paint I can tell you yes they can. You do not need a chip to match a color. Although they might not sell “benjamin moore” paint at those places. The paint store will keep fan decks, which is samples of all of the colors to a collection, on pretty much any brand of paint you could think of and a whole lot more. I work for a small business local paint shop and I can tell you we have over 100 fan decks, some up to 15 or more years old of varrying competitors. We can match any color. Most other stores to keep up with competition will do the same.

  • Benjamin Moore paint is sold at privately owned stores. Benjamin Moore has nothing tto do with Sherwin Williams paints. They are, in fact, competitors.


    Call your local Lowes or Home Depot and ask if they have the fan deck for Benjamin Moore. If they do (and most do) then they can mix the paint for you. Good luck.

  • No.

    Benjamin Moore paint is only sold at Sherwin Williams stores.

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