Does insulin raise or lower blood sugar?

Easy question for diabetics lol.

Does insulin raise your blood sugar or lower it?

When should you take it?


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  • The question about when you should take it depends on what type of insulin you’re taking and what else war prescribed. Insulin is produced by the pancreas normally, but the pancreas can shut down or fail completely. If it hasn’t stopped producing insulin completely, you may still have to take insulin, but monitor your blood sugar more closely. If you are taking “R”, then half an hour or so before eating is recommended as well as when your blood sugar reading reaches a certain level. Check with your doctor to determine what reading he or she wants this done at. Some diabetics reach highs and lows without insulin, so it’s important to know your range and conditions. If you’re taking “N”, you should take it about 3, but no more than 4 hours before eating. It has an additive which causes a time-release affect. You should be asking your doctor or nurse-practicioner for help with this and any other questions you have about the condition. Good luck.

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    I assume you have been diagnosed as hypoglycemic by a qualified medical practicioner. If so, you should have been given a diet plan. This plan is basically identical to that given to a diabetic, complex carbohydrates and no unnecessary refined sugar. The object of treating someone with hypoglycemia is NOT to suddenly raise the blood sugar level, but to see that the body has a chance to gradually convert the complex carbohydrates to sugars. A sugar spike will trigger an insulin surge and make your blood sugar level look like a roller coaster.

  • Insulin lowers blood sugars. There are many different types of insulins. It should only be taken as the Dr. has prescribed individually specific to each person who is on insulin.

    NEVER by anybody who has not been prescribed insulin, EVER.

    People can go around with high blood sugars for a long time; doing damage to their body; but remain alive.

    But all it takes in ONE episode of somebody’s blood sugar going too low that could kill them.

    Don’t play with that stuff, I know you are thinking about it. There are other ways to lose weight or get high, whatever the motivation of this question is.

  • Nick is correct. Insulin lowers blood glucose levels as it allows the cells to utilize the glucose for energy.

    Depending on the degree of diabetes, insulin may be taken once a day or before meals.

  • Diabetes is usually treated through a combination of diet (low sugar), exercise and medications/insulin. Milder cases can be controlled with just diet an/or exercise while more severe cases require meds or insulin as well.

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  • It lowers blood sugar levels , however, depending on which type you are taking R or N I take both but obviously not at the same time For me R (rapid) works well during the day but N is my nighttime dose. Or when I go to bed. Its slow acting and carries me through the night, (usually) nothing is set in stone, each diabetic is unique – we are all individuals and act & react to different things in different ways, In other words , you have to learn how to read your body, an act on it correctly. If you have to adjust a dose do it, as it will never be the same .Remember its a numbers game but you are playing it with your life, so always play to win !

  • My doctor raised my insulin lever each week for the past two months. My glucose elevates (does not lower) for a few days immediately after each insulin increase. Why?

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