does it mean anything good when you get an itch on your left ring finger?

My left finger were an engagement ring or wedding ring goes was itching does it mean anything.

Im not wearring any type of rings. Can it mean something good to have an itch on that finger.

im not wearing a ring on it. are there any superstitions out there that say something good about an itch on your left ring finger? It only itch once.

6 Answers

  • I can’t remember if someone told me or I read it somewhere… but if you itch a ringless finger, especially the wedding ring finger, than your subconcious is sending some kind of signal that you are looking for someone to fill that empty finger with an engagement ring.

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  • Could be you’re not used to wearing a rind on your wedding finger, but could also be that your skin is allergic to the metal, consult your doctor soon.

  • Being that you have had this for a few months, you have tried various creams and instead of getting better it is spreading, I recommend that you see a physician. Don’t wait any longer. Good luck!

  • Allergic reaction.

  • You could be allergic to the metal

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