Does it snow in Hanoi, Vietnam in winter? If yes, can one ski there?

8 Answers

  • No snow in Hanoi.

    Snow in mountains to the north of Hanoi, but no skiing.

  • Hanoi In Winter

  • It does snow in Vietnam at the higher elevations in the Northern area along the Chinese border. There are no skiing areas and the snow generally melts as fast as it hits the ground. Hanoi never gets snow. Its usually hot and muggy. but… it can be great fun for a few days. its hard to beat the 10 cent beers and great street food. You can get your bugs cooked anyway you want them. Really!

  • i saw a photo of a dusting of snow covering sapa which is much further north and high in the mts..looked pretty but i doubt you could have a good snowball fight in vn….try water skiing , or sleding down a sand dune on a piece of cardbord in mui ne.. ‘did that can get pretty cold in many places in vn but no snow…

  • nope. Vietnam is very near the Equator. They only have 2 seasons there, wet and dry.

  • No. Sorry, no snow.. it never gets cold enough there.

    Link show chart for highest and lowest weather.

  • it does snow in laocai,sapa…northern location alongside the chinese border

    no skiing found , and there’s no events there….

  • dont think so

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