Does Jack Daniels taste good?

Does it taste good? What does it taste like? What sizes do they have and how much does each size cost? Thanks 😉

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  • It’s got a sweeter taste than other whiskeys, I’d say. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s very strong, and if you take a shot of it, your chest will burn for a couple of minutes. If you mix it with coke though, it’s pretty good. Jameson is much better though, keep that in mind. But it’s not as sweet I’d say, it’s got a smokier taste. I personally don’t think JD tastes good, it’s cheap whiskey. It’s about $30 a bottle, now with this awful economy, sometimes $25. I haven’t bought a bottle in like 2 years though, and when I did, it was like $22. I’m talking about the medium size, I don’t know exactly how much that is. It’s not the tiny shot bottle, not the small bottle, but the one after that (the square one).

  • Is Jack Daniels Good

  • Jack Daniels is probably the most widely known sour mash whiskey. It is known as a bourbon, but it is not nearly as good as it once was as it is only aged three years now and it used to be aged seven years. “The old number seven” is still on the bottle but it is now aged only three years. In order for a disteller to call it’s whishey a bourbon it has to be aged at least 30 months. The best bourbons are aged many more years and Jack Daniels has lost some of its popularity due to there change in aging as it doesn’t taste as good as it once did. Hoever, it remains the most widely known sour mash. It is distilled in a charred oak barrel as is most sour mash whiskeys. It is made from corn. It can be mixed with about anything. Most people drink it with coke, ginger ale, seven up, and water. Some like a little lemon with it and some just drink it neat.


    Jack is a sour mash whiskey. It tastes like a lot of things. I like it with Coke. It doesn’t taste anything like the rib sauce made with it

  • Jack is my bourbon of choice, definitely my best friend at parties. 35CL bottles are my single night bottles and I’m very happy after that 🙂

    Jack + Coca Cola = Love

  • Jack Daniels is very strong. It’s dark, and I normally drink light liquors, so it gets me effed up pretty quick! To me, it tastes just really strong and rancid, so that’s why u take shots lol. It gets u really warm, and idk about the prices and size sorry! I’m underage and most of the time it’s what my friends and I can smuggle out of our parent’s cabinets 🙂

  • It tastes like crap when u first start drinking it but later on it tastes good

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