does makeup have security sensors on it?

for the record, I’m not stealing. but my friend steals all the time from walmart, cvs, target, platos closet etc. she doesn’t even bother to take any wrappers off or anything she just throws makeup and hairspray and whateer she wants in her purse and the alarms never go off. I realize someone could see her and catch her that way but I’m just curious as to why the alarms don’t go off with makeup and hair products and such.

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  • they do. eventually she will get caught. she mighthave something in her purse or bag that rejects the alarm too. I dont know. but usually all stores have sensors now a days

  • It depends on the item. Walmart does not put security tags on makeup or clothes or that super expensive Olay face stuff; most of their merchandise is not marked with security tags, so that’s why she doesn’t necessarily throw the box/packaging away. It’s not necessary and pulling stuff apart and then putting it in your purse draws more attention…granted…those security alarms at the doors do too. Lol

    Walmart is really strange and like…picky about what items they put security tags on. Usually they’re either on expensive items or sometimes LPs tag items at that are at a higher risk of being stolen so they can catch more people.

    Some items may also have a store-specific security tag on them. Walmart puts these are several smaller items, mainly that cheap *** fake jewelry; cvs and other pharmacies usually put them on like…every thing, but they plaster makeup with them. I don’t know if these tags even work, and I say this because I’ve carried too many items to remember out of too many different stores with security tags and have NEVER set off the door alarms…actually, that’s how I ended up here. I think these are more of a deterrent than anything else. But don’t quote me on that…honestly, I don’t know.

    But on a serious note, she does need to be careful. When I got caught, they decided to let me go without pressing any charges, but most people are not so lucky. Especially at walmart. LPs generally have a quota they have to meet (at least, the one’s a kmart do), so they are looking and they are thirsty.

  • Yes,after a few days the makeup will turn red from this special anti theft die that changes colors if they don’t scan it at the store register ,The stores cary a special remover to clean it off you ,So good Stealing P.S. Is your friend lining her purse with foil.

  • Because shoplifters have become very “sophisticated”. While there are indeed tags in packaging, shoplifters take the insides and leave the package behind. Yes, you can do something. If you see something, say something. (That’s why they make those mirrors – so store personnel don’t have ot be on the aisle to see what’s happening.)

  • drugstores have a loss prevention team just like any other place. They watch you from cameras and print out your faces and monitor you whenever you come in and show their employees what you look like. she gets away with it now but later she won’t be so lucky. I have a friend who did the same thing at rite aid with another of her friends and eventually they got caught and in lots of trouble. they dont just charge you for that one offense they bust you on, they have footage of it all.

  • ummm, im not sure. maybe higher end stores have sensors.

  • im not sure

    maybe because its not that expensive

    and stores with higher prices would have sensors

    or maybe they forgot

    answer this plz;_ylt=AiTOx…

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