does malcom in the middle ever have a show about drugs?

4 Answers

  • Malcolm in the Middle: Cheerleader (TV episode)

    The Krelboynes do a musical number during recess. Reese (Justin Berfield) is behaving strangely. He’s begun showering. Hal (Bryan Cranston) asks him bluntly, “Son, are you on drugs?”


    Malcolm Visits College

    Season 5, Episode 16

    Malcolm’s college visit is cramped by his tag-along mother. Lois goes head-to-head with the dormitory resident advisor. Reese poses as a drug dealer to get the attention of a pretty undercover officer.

  • There was an episode that involved Malcom getting drunk when hanging out with a different group of people if that counts. It was Thanksgiving at the time of the episode if you’re wondering.

    I’m not to sure if there was one dealing with drugs, but there probably was.

  • Malcolm In The Middle Weed

  • There was one episode where Reese got a job testing new prescription drugs and ends up stealing a police horse. In the same episode Malcolm is the “Uncle Sam” guy on stilts at the Lucky Aid.

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