Does mauro from cake boss have a heart attack?

I thought I saw a preview where he has sharp pains and collapses but I'm not sure. Anybody else know?

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  • Not sure what the person above is talking about. On the episode, he goes to the doctor, but he comes back a while later and says "It is no big deal" and won't say anything else, and nothing was said after that. We don't know what the doctor said, and the show isn't talking either.

    Now, if the person above lives close and knows this, that is different, but the show said nothing.

  • Mauro Cake Boss

  • I saw that preview tonight, and that is how it looked to me. He was complaining of chest pain and Buddy told him to go to the doctor, but Mauro said he would be fine. In the next scene he is on the ground. We are planning to watch it Monday to see. I hope he is okay. I like Mauro.

  • I saw this. I'm pretty sure thats what happened.


    Whoa, right after I hit "enter" it came on (the preview)

    Mauro: Man, I'm having real bad chest pains.

    Buddy: You have to go to a doctor.

    Mauro: I'll be fine.

    Then there is a video of him falling on the floor, and that one brown haired young designer yells;

    "Call an ambulance!"

  • He had a heart attack and he was rushed to hospital and he had to have an aeorta replacement surgery and he is in the hospital right now xx

    I live near Buddys shop and I visit a lot and we all heard what happened. They baked him a big cake too that might be in the episode.

    Apparently surgical footage is in the episode as well.

  • i just saw the preview today, Mauro is one of my favorites, and so i hope it wasn't a heart attack, but honestly, i think, it is a heart attack

  • Nah self employed so I am the boss and Im in know hurry to have a heart attack. 78 sounds like hes had a good innings............having said that I hope he comes right.

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