Does olive oil really help mild constipation in dogs?

My 9 m/o dachshund is constipated, and as it’s 9:30 pm here, I can’t go out and get anything for him right now (eg pumpkin filling) so I would love to know what could help him just for tonight. I’ve heard olive oil can help, but I am not going to try anything without knowing first.

I know it wouldn’t help as such tonight, but it would make me feel a little less worried.

Thank you!

I’m in a little town, everything shuts around 9. No Walmarts in the UK unfortunately!

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  • Are you sure your dog does not have an intestinal blockage? Giving pumpkin or any kind of oil couild do more harm than good. Canned pumpkin would be the best, but since you are not able to get any, Olive Oil would be OK to try. Mineral Oil or vegetable oil would also be OK. Just 1 teaspoon to start with.

    If your dog does not have a bowel movement by tomorrow, make an appointment in the morning. If he starts showing signs of lethargy, not eating or drinking, whimpering, vomiting or excessive stretching, take him to the vet immediately.

  • Constipation Remedy For Dogs

  • Any oil will make a dog go but PURE pumpkin or Fig Newtons are better. A baby suppository will make him go if he can not but oil or whatever else will just go thru him and give him the runs if he isn’t already clogged. If he is obstructed giving him oil can make him blow a gut. Plenty of WalMarts or WalGreens are open..

  • I don’t think a few drops of olive oil would hurt him as my vet prescribed some mineral oil for my small doggie, actually you can buy mineral oil at a drug store. You can mix a little with his food, just don’t use long term and don’t use too much.

  • Ah, SOPH! I haven’t seen you in ages!

    Well, I have heard the same about Olive Oil helping.

    Haven’t tried it myself. Sorry. 🙁

    Anyways, hope the Alfmaster gets better soon!

    Tell us in your morning ( dont know what time that will be my time ) how things go!

  • oil could help but would likely take til morning…and use canned pumpkin not pie filler

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