does size matter in a street fight ?

im 6’2 and i practice TKD, and i was wonderin if i get into a street fight with a guy thats shorter than me, if i would be able to win

personally, i got alot of advantages because i know alot of TKD so that really helps secondly im very tall

what do you think?

or if i get in a fight with a short guy or a bit shorter than me?

give me opinions please

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  • no.. whoever has more intensity usually wins

  • Coming from a multiple time state champion in wrestling whos done BJJ and Muay thai as well I can tell you size does matter. Its obviously not everything but say you have two average joes with about the same athletic ability, that size is going to be a big factor. You have someone with some training wrestling/boxing/tkd ect and an untrained bigger guy that size isnt going to be as much of a factor but in some cases can still be huge for example if its like a 120 lbs wrestler vs a 300 lbs super agreesive athletic big dude im gonna go with the size over the skill. Thats why there are weight classes in all forms of martial arts. Of course it matters. Granted a street fight is a bit different as anything could happen weapons, hitting the concrete the wrong way people jumping. I actually almost lost a fight once fighting a guy bigger than me because i “inside tripped” him he went straight down but i jammed my knee in the ground hard on the way down realllly freaking hurt luckily i was able to keep him down and just pound him out and he didnt want anymore after but yeah there is ur answer. It matters but in most cases if the person with training is actually skilled been doing it for some years and not just training for fun ill take skill over size in almost all cases unless super dramatic difference in weight.

  • Actually, despite popular belief, size DOES matter. Why do you think thier are weight classes? In physics force=massxacceleration. The heavier/denser an object is,and how fast it moves determines how hard it will hit. It also matters whether that size is from muscle or fat. If its from muscle then youll probably have more acceleration that a fat guy at the same weight. As you know, muscle is responsible for both speed and strength. it doesnt matter how skilled you are, if your 90 lbs and 4’11 theres no way your going to beat someone 6’5 and 280 lbs of almost pure muscle. But if the weight difference isnt dramatic than the more skilled opponent will win.

  • Size matters to an extent , thats why before pro bouts , they usually show the fighters reach along with weight and age ect. When striking reach advantage can be a plus , but a good striker can bob and weave and use your own height againts you , by coming on close and boxing inside the pocket , a great example would be Mike Tyson 5.11 Heavyweight.

    Also in a streetfight you can be fighting a short stalky guy who can be a good wrestler or a submision fighter , and reach dont matter anymore once you hit the ground , then the compact stalky guy has the advantage.

    So if you are a taller guy like yourself. then use that to your advantage. use your jab to keep the opponent far away , and use your long legs with pushkicks and side kicks. And for your own sake please dont try any of that spinning butterfly kick stuff.

  • Size does matter yes. But what matters more is who is more pissed off and who can take a punch better. If your 5’5 160 fighting a 6’5 240 pound guy then that’s just not fair. There are weight classes in boxing for a reason. Generally in the fight the guy is pissed off and wants it more will win.By the way, there’s no shame in losing as long as you have your all Take for example some bigger guy coming and ******* with your family. If you have any nuts at all you’ll destroy his ***

  • Of course not.

    I hope you know the concept of ranging. Suppose you opponent is short but good.

    You are tall and do more kicking(TKD), you are in the advantage when you fight Long Range. This mean you can attack from a longer distance but opponent can not. You can kick from a distance but your opponent can not.

    However there are some disadvantages with long range. You have to use long weapons (kick or staff) which tends to be slow because it has move more mass and more distance to travel to make contact. However If you keep distance from your opponent then can win the fight.

    Then there is close quarter fighting (close range). As the name implies the distance between you and your opponents is just a matter of inches. This is where a shorter guy has the advantage. At close quarters you can not kick because you do not have the distance to execute it. Your opponent can use his hands ( punch, grapple or worst stab you with a knife) to attack you but you can not recounter. This is specially true because many fights flare out in bars where the fight is close quarter. Even worse TKD can not fight well in close quarters because it does not encourage the use of the hands.

    I sometimes spar with TKD, stay close to them and they can’t do anything.

    From training in Dekiti Tirsia Siradas, tactics and techniques can negate the advantage of size any time.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    does size matter in a street fight ?

    im 6’2 and i practice TKD, and i was wonderin if i get into a street fight with a guy thats shorter than me, if i would be able to win

    personally, i got alot of advantages because i know alot of TKD so that really helps secondly im very tall

    what do you think?

    or if i get in a fight with…

  • Firstly:

    Tae Kwon Do traditionally teaches wrist locks, elbows, and knees. Don’t assume because the olympic style is the prominent type you see, that it’s a standard. Many schools these days are cross training with grappling, and other arts such as BJJ and Hapkido as well. YOU FAIL!!!


    Size is a factor in a street fight (Both height and weight), but it is something that works around your skills and fighting attributes (Speed, power, timing, heart, stamina, and so forth). That’s if you see it from a TMA perspective: If you have great attributes, then they matter more. Someone that is taller than you may not have the extra power, speed, and so forth. Someone shorter than you might have that, and whatever other variation. You should keep it in your thoughts, but someone with those attributes are what you should watch out for.

    When you’re talking of moderate difference, they may even had advantages. I’m 5’11”, but my armspan is 6’2″. That helps me. lol

    If your muscle-bound friend doesn’t have any idea about throwing punches, then he might have an disadvantage, unless he grapples. It’s endlessly complicated though. You should definitely elude the situation if you can, but you shouldn’t freak out if someone is a little taller, bigger, and xyz than you. You have to compare your abilities and skills with that of your opponent (Or rather what your think they may have). I mean, if the tallest person in history (Robert Wadlow) had the muscles of an MMA fighter: I would not **** with him. :p

    If someone the size of my brother (5’6″, about 170-180 of lean muscle) wanted crap, and I couldn’t elude: Then I would fight. That’s biased of me, because my brother is a martial artist and fitness head. But of course if they’re just muscles, then it might not say anything of there fighting skill. lol

    Just keep it in the back of your mind, but don’t have nightmares about it. Good luck, and I would advocate that you cross train in grappling to get well-rounded.

  • You’re talking about height. It is an advantage — especially against untrained people who arent’ particularly good at closing distance.

    Weight matters more, though. The heavier you are, the more weight you can potentially put behind your shots.

    If you get into a fight with somebody shorter than you, winning or losing will depend on a whole slew of things. Height and weight are definitely amongst them, but they’re far from the only determining factors.

  • Honestly if you have enough time to determine that your opponent is smaller than you, then it wasn’t an unexpected attack or a blindside. This should give you time to resolve the situation peacefully. Either by making a joke, attracting attention so there are witnesses(in case you do fight and it goes to court), playing a fool, drooling, acting retarded, etc.

    That being said there is a old saying that a good big man will beat a ggood small man anytime, but nothing is certian. Look at Matt Serra vs. JSP.

  • The person with more skill in sparring/fighting usually wins.

    However being tall gives you an advantage over those who are shorter, But being short also have an advantage which those who are tall don’t. Being tall, you have an advantage of hitting/kicking them at least over the head, but it would take you longer to finish your attack. Whereas the shorter people can trip you from the bottom even though they don’t have the advantage to hit/kick very high unless they can jump very high and kick. Shorter people have an advantage to be able to see your attack fast enough to dodge it because tall people have long arms and legs so once the tall person starts and attack, it’s easy to see where the attack is coming from unless you are super fast in punching/kicking.

    In a street fight, people don’t fight fair so even if you do practice and know a lot of TKD moves, you may not win the fight.

    I think my opinion was confusing @[email protected]

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