Does tahini need to be refrigerated after opening? It’s organic.?

I have had it for around two or three weeks non-refrigerated. I will refrigerate it just in case. Thanks everyone. :O).

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  • yes, the sesame seeds will go rancid and taste bitter. this may depend on where you live, it may not need refrigeration in colder climates but why take the chance, I always keep mine in the fridge.

    sesame paste = sesame seed paste = tahini = tahina Pronunciation: tuh-HEE-nee

    Notes: This is a paste made from ordinary white sesame seeds. It’s used in the Middle East to make hummus, baba ghanouj, and sauces. The oil tends to rise to the top, so stir before using. Once you’ve opened it, store it in the refrigerator unless you plan to use it up within a week or so. To make your own: In a blender, mix white sesame seeds with a small amount of peanut oil (or other oil) until creamy Substitutes: sesame butter (thicker) OR 3 parts creamy peanut butter + 1 part sesame oil OR toasted sesame seeds (for hummus) OR toasted sesame oil (for hummus) OR peanut butter (for sauces)

  • Refrigerate Tahini

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    Does tahini need to be refrigerated after opening? It's organic.?

  • No refrigeration needed. Tahini, like Peanut Butter, doesn’t go bad at room temperature. The oils in both foods act as a preservative and prevent mold and spoilage.

    You should keep the jar lids tight and give it a good shake every week or so to keep it well mixed.

  • Tahini does not require refrigeration and can be stored for long periods of time in cool dry areas. When stored, the sesame oil may separate from the mixture of solids. This is due to the fact that tahini does not contain emulsifiers to keep the ingredients from separating. To re-mix the contents, turn the can or jar upside down for 30 minutes or so before using.

  • No, and I checked mine, it has been in the cupboard for a year now, and I still use it, and there is nothing on the bottle that says to refrigerate, although some people do, because their is a separation of the oil, which of course does not harm it in any way, just make sure you stir it good, before using.

  • From what I read it should not need to be refrigerated UNLESS the kind you purchased has soy or dairy products in it. If it is ONLY 100% organic sesame seeds it is much like peanut butter and can be left out.

  • I use it all the time and I do not refrigerate it. I usually use it up within 2 months. Here is a site that also says it does not need to be refrigerated.…


    YES! It’s organic and does not contain any preservatives…even in the frig it won’t last more than 4-5 days…eat away!

  • You see, I have this problem with “Organic/non-organic”. I figure that when it was growing, etc, it was ALIVE, and then when you pick it, it became DEAD. Being dead, it has a tendency to bio-degrade (isn’t that always the way?). In order to slow the decay, one should put it in the fridge.

    But feel free to correct me if I am wrong in this observation.

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