Does ” te quiero tanto ” mean ” I love you so much ” in spanish?

every time I go to a different translation search engine it gives me something different. so does it mean i love you so much??

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  • Yes my dear you’re right.”te quiero tanto”but people sometimes change this word for another that’s the way we do it.for example i love love you so much can be like this too in spanish “te quiero mucho”or “te quiero muchisimo”meaning the same as your i love you so much.We are the ones who change it,so it’s ok if you find more ways to say it.But like Profuy said only use the “te amo”when talking to your mother,father, boyfriend,son well your love ones.

  • Te Quiero Tanto Meaning

  • Te quiero mucho , or Te quiero tanto

  • Yes, you say Te quiero tanto!! There’s another option, which to my ears it’s a bit cheesy but some others prefer. Te amo tanto. Be careful, though, you’d use the second option only when speaking to your bf, spouse or partner.

  • Yes, it means – I love you so much. But if something was before it, like – Haria todo por ti, te quiero tanto. It means – I would do everything for, – that much I love you- Cristina


  • yes it does i am puerto rican so if ur man is tellin u dat dont worry bout it does mean dat lol

  • yeaah

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