Does the mail run today?

today feb 18th 2008 for USPS

I know a dumb question..! lol..Just making sure..! Have a wonderful day everyone..!

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  • NO. Here is a list from The United States Postal Service including all holidays they dont deliver on:…

  • Does The Mail Run Today

  • NO, The mail never runs,, I have to have the mailman deliver it. Today there is no mail being delivered to us in the USA because of a national holiday..President’s Day…If you do not live in the USA you will get mail today, if there is any to be delivered.

    It’s not a stupid question,,You didn’t know or you wouldn’t have asked. Some would think Valentine’s Day is a holiday but we get mail than….So whatever they decide I guess is the way it will be.

    It makes me laugh sometimes because sometimes it’s really Monday when I think it’s Sunday. Many days just run into the other for me.

  • Well there is no mail delivery today, Presidents Day. A national holiday?

    Just another excuse for the government offices and the banks to close down and do nothing.

  • No. Here is a list of postal-observed holidays in the US.

    Tuesday, January 1 – New Year’s Day

    Monday, January 21 – Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday

    Monday, February 18 – Washington’s Birthday (President’s Day)

    Monday, May 26 – Memorial Day

    Friday, July 4 – Independence Day

    Monday, September 1 – Labor Day

    Monday, October 13 – Columbus Day

    Tuesday, November 11 – Veterans Day

    Thursday, November 27 – Thanksgiving Day

    Thursday, December 25 – Christmas Day

    Thursday, January 1, 2009 – New Year’s Day

  • No the mail does not run today it’s a holiday!

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    Does the mail run today?

    today feb 18th 2008 for USPS


    Across the Atlantic here in Ireland, Boxing day, or Saint Stephen’s day is Bank holiday, and so is Monday as a day in lieu. So no post till Tuesday.

  • No. President’s day is a Federal Holiday.

  • Yes, mail runs today.

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