Does the word Metastopholies mean anything to anyone?

This evening my 8 yr old asked me who Metastopholies was. I recall hearing the name, but cant quite place it. Any help i can get would be greatly appreciated.

The spelling could be wrong..Im not sure.

Thanks everyone. After actually using spell check i got the correct spelling! It just kinda freaked me out for a second, one of my 8yr old twins is in the gifted and talented class and seems to know so much….then to find out that this is the minion in the Faust drama that… Anyway, thanks for answering!

Blessed Be

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  • Several legends grew up about Mephistopheles. According to certain extra-biblical texts relating to Christian mysticism, and a number of related works written during the 17th century, Mephistopheles was the first to join with Lucifer during the rebellion against God at the beginning of time. When the rebel angels were banished from Heaven, Mephistopheles was the second to fall, after Lucifer. In exchange for his loyalty, Lucifer granted him power in Hell, appointing him his second-in-command.

    Mephistopheles is known throughout Goethe’s plays as a “fallen angel” himself, as he clearly states to Faust. He rebels against the authority of God and is thrown out of Heaven into Hell.

    In a passage from Marlowe’s Faustus, Mephostopheles says:

    ‘Why this is hell, nor am I out of it.

    Think’st thou that I, who saw the face of God,

    And tasted the eternal joys of heaven,

    Am not tormented with ten thousand hells

    In being deprived of everlasting bliss?’

  • Well, ‘Mephistopheles’ was the name of a character in Faust, but metastopholies could be broken down into ‘meta-‘ meaning beyond and “strophes” (which means “bent, turned, or twisted”) like in the word apostrophe so perhaps your child meant to say metastrophes? The word is not one I’m familiar with but it could be a classification in the proper terms for some kinds of diacritical marks, or punctuations…

  • Mephistopheles was a demon in the story of Faust. Foust sold his soul to Mephistopheles for knowledge.

    The name is also a character in the musical “Cats”. The cat is a magician.

  • I think you mean Mephistopholes. According to wikipedia, he’s apparently a demon. There’s a story that says that a man named Faust sold his soul to this demon for knowledge, among many other things. This demon is never mentioned in the bible, but I will list the link for Wikipedia below.

    At any rate, God is still bigger! And God still wins in the end.

  • That name was used in the song by the Police. “M….s is not your name. I know what you’re up to just the same.”

    Source(s): “Wrapped Around Your Finger” by the band the Police.
  • check out the broadway musical CATS

  • Mephistopheles is the name of a demon.

  • Um…my friend Steven uses it as his screen name and he’s psycho, so it probably means something really bad.

  • Yeah, so does Beelzebozo

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