Does USPS actually redeliver?

Over the past month I have three packages for which I’ve been left the Form 3849 (missed delivery form, although I never actually missed delivery, the typical lazy carriers can’t be bothered to walk up to my 3rd floor apartment). I don’t have a car and 2 of the packages are at my local post office couple miles from me and one of them for whatever reason is at a post office 20 MILES from me, so I have no possible way of personally picking them up. I’ve made 6 online redelivery requests for each package over the course of the month and I’ve even telephoned in a redelivery request for each package. Not once has redelivery been attempted. It’s like the requests are either ignored or just get lost in a void. This has been going on for 3 weeks and my packages are in danger of being returned to the sender because of this. These are registered parcels and I know USPS is supposed to redeliver them upon request, so what’s going on? How do I make them get my stuff to me before they get sent back because customer service has been entirely unhelpful and rude thus far.

Yeah, I’ve tried calling them and haven’t gotten anywhere.

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  • I wouldn’t assume that the carriers are lazy – because sometimes this does happen, but it is because they are under strict time constraints. If they were lazy they wouldn’t have the physical job that they have. Sounds like there is more going on here as apparently you have tried online, called customer service and called the local post office. The best way to get re-delivery is to call the local P.O., so if you haven’t, then I would try that. By calling the 1800 number or going online… it’s more impersonal. I would rather speak to someone nearby. I know you have had difficulties… apparently for some time,…but it really really really helps when you are courteous and thankful. It sounds like you’ve been getting the runaround for so long that it has caused you to be rather angry and this comes across as belligerence and in no way is this helpful in getting your items re-delivered.Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  • two options

    call them

    if unsuccessful, go to local USPS office and discuss situation

    yes, they do redeliver.


  • Have you tried calling them?

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