Does Vegetable Oil cause acne?


im 19 years old, and i started getting 3-4 pimples, 1-2 kida big zits on my face since march.

b4 i usually just got 2-4 bad pimples in a month or so.

and i haven’t really treated them, they usually leave on themselves and some more come back, its not that bad but i just dont like it when i look in the mirror.

newaysz…. does Vegetable Oil cause acne?

because my moms been using that oil for the past year, but im not sure. And it was also mentioned in this ezine article .

also, im pretty fat and dont do exercise that much (maybe once in a while)

i was just wondering if i started using a better oil (maybe olive or something) , exercised daily. drink lots of water and vegetables

will my acne and 1-2 dark brown spots disappear?

im sick of telling my mom to make an excuse when my friends come to my house

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  • see your friends it is your age all my kids did the same thing ! just hang in there and find a good face cleaner and keep oily things from your face and go hang out with your friends you are only 19 one time go have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vegetable Oil Acne

  • Dry and/or greasy skin due to poor oil composition of the skin. Thick greasy oils clog pores, lack of oil leads to dryness and irritation. You need thin oils to moisturize while dissolving and clearing gunk in your poors. Try fish oil or seafood. 2 tsp fish oil a day or 4 servings of seafood a week. Stick it out for at least 2 months; it will take a long time to replace all your oil. Any effect after 1-2 days is temporary or random; so even if it makes you break out a little at first, you haven’t given it a full try yet.

    In the short term you can wash and moisturize well, but that will only go so far. Plus excessive washing can be drying and excessive moisturizing can be clogging. Use a small amount of a light moisturizer, made with oil not jelly or grease. Often that means soybean oil or mineral oil. Mineral oil means mined from the ground. So soybean oil is usually better, though mineral oil won’t cause too much harm. Clean with soap and water, not a harsh acne cleanser. Even then they only work so well. So you really need the seafood.

    Antibiotics aren’t really good for bacteria long term, they’ll come back in force after. Short term they may help. After you get off them find some kefir with acidophilus listed first or 2nd to replace the friendly bacteria they destroyed. Studies show less illness when you have these bacteria, even outside the stomach in places such as the lungs and elsewhere. You want friendly bacteria to fill the void when the antibiotics stop, not harmful ones.

    In the short term you might also try 100,000+ iu retinol vitamin A (a megadose, and too much for normal use) or one of the acne drugs that is similar to retinol vitamin A. It’s some minor harm to your organs, but it helps against bacteria on your skin. At least it doesn’t have the other long term drawbacks to your skin that antibiotics and many scrubs do.

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    No, vegetable oil doesn’t cause acne unless you don’t wash your face and then load it on – then it acts like a petri dish. Just wash your face. Wipe the acne areas with a little witch hazel and put a few dabs of vegetable oil on your dry areas. The brown spots will go away on their own. 85% of the population has to deal with acne. Don’t let it make you avoid people, that’s not a good idea – they’re most likely going through the same thing you are.

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  • Vegetable oil does not usually cause acne but if you are worried see a dermotologist or your GP:)

    Yes yeat lots of vegetables and fruits and also some vitamin tablets. That will really help

    Remeber to wash your fac each day, i think clearasil is by fair the best for acne.

    And also think positive!:)

  • I have never heard of vegetable oil causing breakouts. However, there are a number of reasons, including stress, which can contribute to the wellness of your skin. If you are cleaning it properly every day, then I would suggest buying a product called Pro-Active. It cleanses the skin and prevents future breakouts and works well! My brother and sister have used it for a long time.

    As far as healthiness, olive oil is better for you than vegetable oil. It has lower saturated fat content, and promotes lower cholesterol and a heathy heart.

    And of course, exercise will always keep you healthier.

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  • first of all, you shouldnt neglect your friends just because you have a few pimples.

    I have a few myself and I dont go ANYWHERE near vegetable oil.

    Its bacteria and blocked pores as well as hormones that cause acne, go to your pharamist and ask them about anti-biotics and water-based acne gels, I use Clinda Tech anti-acne Topical solution and Benzac AC that contains benzoyl peroxide.

    clinda tech works well.

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