does wizard101 give viruses?

i had played it on my other computer and some other games it was real fun but my computer had gotten a virus idk if its from wizard101 or not but i just wana make sure it wasnt that

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  • It will not give any viruses if you are on the real site if you don't use the right site. Idk what will happen.

    THis is the real site

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  • Wizard 101 may or may not have a virus depending on your source. Please keep in mind that if you got it from a torrent or something similar, it's very possible someone has corrupted it. In order to prevent infection, use a good antivirus such as AVG (I use AVG free) and scan it immediately following download, then after you extract it from a .zip or .rar file (if applicable). Scan the whole folder, as other files associated with the program might be a virus as well.


    For Windows XP: Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.

  • Yes alot of viruses

  • most of the time its not a virus it depends on what processor you have or pc welcome

  • I would think Wizard 101 would give viruses because on my Grandma's really good PC, it erased all data in it and crashed everything.

  • I got the game 3 times all 3 times I got a virus.........

  • no and yes matters on your computer

  • YES

  • No

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