does Xbox 360 play Blu ray disc?

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  • No, the 360 has a standard DVD drive. The One uses a BR drive, however.

    The HD-DVD format does not read in the 360’s optical drive either – there WAS a short lived (as was the format) 360 HDDVD USB add-on/peripheral drive (I own one).

  • Does Xbox 360 Play Blu Ray

  • Xbox 360 Blu Ray

  • No, Blu-ray discs do not work on Xbox 360 consoles.

    This is because the technology to read Blu-ray discs is simply not included within the Xbox 360 s specs.


    Microsoft did have its own crack at introducing high density media discs to its Xbox 360 consoles with its ill-fated HD-DVD playing attachment. Ultimately, Blu-ray won the format war, and that device has since been discontinued.


    If you want to watch Blu-ray discs at home, you are going to have to shell out for a specified Blu-ray player, or a Playstation 3 (shock horror!). Failing that – and if you are a particularly hardcore Xbox 360 fan boy – you could always wait until the next iteration of the Xbox console comes out. It will no doubt come equipped with a blu-ray player (Microsoft would be pretty stupid not to include it), and rumors spreading throughout the web are certainly pointing towards this fact being true.

  • Sorry but xbox 360 does not play blu ray discs. However the 360 plays HD dvd which come in a casing similar to the blu ray but red and it also plays regular dvd movies.

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    No microsoft has no license to play blue ray, get a ps3 if you want that feature

  • Nope. The PS3, PS4 & Xbox One do. As far as previous & current gen consoles.

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