Dog ingested Neosporin?

My dog ate about a third of the tube of neosporin. I have no idea what it made it so appealing to make her grab it off the table. She wont even eat her toys or bones. x_x

She is acting fine right now, and I'm kinda uneasy if I should take her in or not to the emergency vet. I googled it, and some places say its fine,.. one said it could kill intestinal bacteria, and she will have digestive problems for a few days..

I called animal poison control, but they won't even talk to me unless I pay 55$.[Which btw I think is rediculous, I have donated before to the ASPCA, they should be able to help out dogs in need.]

I called the poison control for humans, they said for people to just drink some juice and keep an eye out.

Think I should just do the same with my dog?

btw She is a 70lb flat coated retriever.


Thankyou very much. she is still acting allright, but I gave her some yogurt and I'll give her a bit tomorrow. She enjoys the yogurt at least. :]

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  • You can call the poison line again. You ask your question first before they ask you for any credit card information or for the donation. You dont have to give it even though it says that in the beginning.

    how long ago did she ingest the neosporin? If it wasnt long, they might tell you to induce vomiting, but I really have no idea. You can give pepcid AC to help with her stomach ache.

    Definately no juice, i'd think that will cause diarrhea and just more of a stomach ache.

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    Hello, Neosporin usually works well on dogs. Best thing to do is to clean the area with soap and water then apply a little peroxide to help with infection. After you use the neosporin try to cover the area with some gauze or perhaps a large band-aide. It is not good for the pup to ingest any if possible. change the dressing 2x's per day until the area is better. If the area does not show improvement within 24 hours you will need to take the pup to the vet. Also when applying the neoporin make sure you use a clean Q-tip each and every time you are getting some more product. You do not want to contaminate the rest of the tube. Good Luck ........

  • Dog Ate Neosporin

  • Neosporin is antibiotics in a cream form. I can't imagine it will do anything worse than kill some of the digestive bacteria. I might take a few days for them to recover to normal levels. The worst you should see in the next few days will be some loose stools. The gel in the neosporin might act as a laxative when ingested. Things might get a little messy but that's all. Make sure the dog has plenty of water and watch for any bad signs. If things get bad, call the vet but you don't have to panic.

  • A third of a tube of neosporin won't do much to a 70 lb dog. Neosporin is just an antibacterial substance. I don't think there are any harmful drugs in it. Watch out for vomiting and diarrhea or a change in behavior. This change in behavior should not be an effect of your stress. If any of those happen, take him to the vet immediately, but it sounds like your dog will be just fine.

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    Dog ingested Neosporin?

    My dog ate about a third of the tube of neosporin. I have no idea what it made it so appealing to make her grab it off the table. She wont even eat her toys or bones. x_x

    She is acting fine right now, and I'm kinda uneasy if I should take her in or not to the emergency vet. I googled it, and...

  • I realize this may be an old post, but I just had the same situation with my 65-pound Lab (Dec 07). I called the National Poison Control Center at 800-222-1222, who said there might be a bit of a laxative effect from the gel or cream but any actual hazard is from the tube itself. So now I am going to piece the tube parts together just to make sure I have it all. It should all pass in a day or so. It's been about an hour, so no reports from the other end yet. Of course, the dog gets some crate time for a little while.

    I called the NPCC last year (at the suggestion of my vet) when she lapped up about 2 oz. of Duron latex paint (semi-gloss, antique white). Other then a very comical white mouth and tongue (which I washed out), she showed no ill effect.

    The NPCC contact was excellent and she even offered to send me a refrigerator magnet with their number (which I had already).

  • Your dog should be fine. Neosporin is a topical antibotic ointment. It is even used topically on dogs and cats for open wounds because it is so safe even if ingested. Due to the amount your dog ate she may get a little upset stomach but unlikely will. A lot of oral antibiotics also kill the good bacteria in the digestive system as well so still no major concern. Plain yogurt is a good way to help replenish the good bacteria in the digestive system for dogs and people.

    Do not give your dog juice. Juice contains acids (natural) and a lot of sugar which you dog does not need.

  • If he can't lick it off, it's OK to use neosporin in small amounts. If he's got a raw weeping spot, you'd be better off to shave the surrounding hair until there's healthy skin for at least 1" all around the raw spot, and don't apply anything-just leave it open to the air. It sounds like it may be a "hot spot", in which case anything that traps moisture-including Neosporin-would make it spread and get worse.

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