Don’t genius live in lamps?

10 Answers

  • Well I live in a caravan and Im definately in the worlds top 15 smartest people. So evidently your statement is not an exclusive fact.

    Do you mean Germans? I know of an old Geman man who lived in a lamp, you know from the nursery rhyme.

  • Yes, geniuses live in lamps. When Aladin rubbed his lamp, it was not actually a genie, but a genius.

  • only comedic genius lives in a lamps.

    Source(s): Robin Williams in Aladdin.
  • Darn, I just finished repainting my apartment, and now I have to move to a lamp?!?

  • Geniuses live wherever.

    Genies live in lamps.

  • Checked mine, no Genius, Just Lava….

  • Don’t you know you could wind up in hell for a pun like that?

    Source(s): Dawg Nose
  • You mean Genies? And no, that’s just in the movies.

  • yes and if you rub it they come out and grant your wishes 😀

    Source(s): einstein lived in a lamp
  • I HAZ 2 POINTS!!!

    Source(s): (Purposely) dumb answer for a (purposely) dumb question.

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