Don’t you think the crisis team are in the wrong ?

To discharge me just because I don’t want them in my house 

I was talking to them and I’m not a borderline 

4 Answers

  • Not all all. They have a long list of patients that actually need and want their help and don’t have the time or resources to waste on manipulative, attention seeking borderlines. You are not in a position to dictate to them how or when they interact with you so they shut you down and rightly so. You manage to find fault with and blame everyone else for your problems and mistakes and unless you start acting like an adult and take responsibility for your actions you’re going to end up miserable and alone for the rest of your life.

  • There is generally a wait list for their services.

    There is no point in wasting time on an uncooperative client that they could probably use to provide services to 2 or 3 cooperative clients on the wait list.

  • No. You are wrong. They are trying to help you. You don’t want them in your house, too bad.

  • Their job is to try to help you. Your responsibility is cooperate fully with them. If you won’t, why should they waste their time on you? Their time costs money that we taxpayers have to pay. I want my tax money spent where it makes a difference, not wasting time on someone who refuses to cooperate.

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