Double fines on holidays?

I have often heard of double fines being enforced on major holiday weekends, eg: Christmas, Thanksgiving. I failed to obey a traffic control device in Ohio, the Saturday before labor day, and am curious if I might be needing to withdraw a whole lot more than I was planning. The court is closed on sundays or I would call, and since it is my first ticket it is waiverable.

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  • Hello David. I am in Ohio (Cleveland) and I have to admit that I havent heard of that VTL either. Double fines for school and road work zones, but that was all I am aware of.

    At any rate, look on the back of the citation. It will have a phone number to the Clerk of Courts. Call that number after 8 am on a weekday ( remember this Monday is a holiday and they wont be open), give them the citation number and they will tell you exactly what the fine is.

    Best of luck and I hope this is useful to you

  • I am an officer, not in Ohio, but have not heard of double fines on holidays. It seems this would kill the spirit intentionally and not be good for the department’s image.

    I think you may mean double the amount of officers working, or maybe they get double time for wages while working holidays, or even double the enforcement of certain crimes such as DUI.

  • I can’t answer for Ohio, however in Australia on holidays we have double fines and double demerit points, we have only 12 points to begin with and losing 4 points for example can incur a fine of over $1000 as well as a 4 week licence supension. Statistics show the death toll on holidays to have lessened significantly since this new system was introduced.

  • I am not in Ohio either but I have not heard of double fines on holidays……

    I only know of double fines in work zones and school zones. I’d wait til Tuesday call the court and find out.

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