Drawing eyebrows on dog?

I know this sounds pretty silly, but I saw this picture of a dog with drawn-on eyebrows and I want to try that on my dog. Some people use a typical eyebrow pencil but I’m just wondering if it’s safe for dogs? I don’t want my dog to get harmed in the process. Please don’t say I’m being harsh and abusing him or whatever; just please answer my question. Thanks 🙂

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  • Would be better to apply fake eyebrows on your dog like what you see on https://dogswitheyebrows.com/ that way you re not running the risk of harming your dog with eyebrow pencil, markers or whatever else people are using these days.

  • I know you said you don’t want people to say your abusing your dog, but however, in a way you are- how would you like somebody to get crayons and draw eyebrows on you and you don’t want somebody to grab you and start putting pressure on your temples? I mean, the dog will go crazy and try to get away, please don’t do this, it will make your dog scared of you, and he doesn’t know what your doing, and seriously, draw eyebrows in a dog?

  • aww dont do that my brotherand his friends drew a giant peace sign on my golden retriver with a sharpie it was horrible we ended up shaving her a month later when it didnt come off. And non toxic to me sounds like maybe washable, and if thats the case the dog could lick it and next thing you know you got marker smeared all over the house.

  • I did that once with just a Crayola marker and it washed off completely and he was perfectly fine. When you’re ready to remove it, just wet a cloth and wipe it off. It’s so cute!(:

  • yea,don’t worry. Makeup is tested on animals

  • Its not something i would do but each to there own .

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