Dreams of something moving in my stomach?

I have a recurring dream about something moving in my stomach. It’s always pushing out my stomach kind of like when a baby moves in your stomach and you can feel/see the hand/feet imprint. But nothing in my dreams indicates that it’s a baby. It’s kind of like we know it’s not a baby. I don’t know why I always have this dream. I’m not pregnant or anything in real life.

ps. Please only answer if you are dream interpreter. Please no “it’s just a dream” comments. I need someone to interpret this recurring dream. Thanks in advance.

4 Answers

  • The stomach talk about our profound desires and goal

    it can also talk about our childhood

    In your case ; it could be both

    are you satisfied of your present Life ?

  • I keep having the exact same sort of reoccurring dream for months now. When the “baby” which is never a baby moves it’s like I feel it in real life even though I know I am asleep. It moves so abruptly that it is painful. Did the dreams ever stop for you? Did you get any answers?

  • Dreamed of seeing own stomach. That is, to be avoided and far from difficulties / problems.

    Dreaming of a stomach ache. That is, be healthy or in good shape for a long time.


  • It sounds to me like you have a lot coming up in the near future. This non-baby entity represents a positive change and something you have been working for, for a long time. Something you have been nurturing that is finally coming into existence soon. πŸ™‚

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