Driving test route in Folsom CA, please help me?

I am having my driving test in 3 weeks at Folsom DMV. Can anyone kindly share with me the test route? I appreciate!

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  • for my daughters test they took her out of the parking lot onto bidwell and turned right onto one of the side streets, took her around a couple of blocks and around the school and then returned to the dmv. she aced it.

  • DMV doesn't publish the test routes. Plus there is more than one route.

    If it makes you more comfortable just go to DMV and follow someone who is going on a test run.

    But do you really need to go on the exact streets? Not if you are a good driver. If you are a good driver and truly earn your license and permission to drive, then you will know the rules and be able to drive with confidence.

    Practice driving around Folsom DMV, especially in the housing areas. Stop fully at the stop signs, do not speed. Look both ways, use your turn signals. Wear your seat belt. These are all things the tester will be looking for.

  • How many times are you gonig to ask this question.

    They use many different routes and are never the same.

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