DRUGS: Why shouldn’t you look in a mirror during an LSD trip?

someone told me it would be wise not to look at yourself during an acid trip, why is that?

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  • I don’t know the exact reason but i went to a patients home who was tripping on PCP and ripped out his eyeball. Said it was because he saw his eyeball was “Bubbling and melting” and needed to get rid of it. But i really don’t know the reason.

    Source(s): Firefighter/paramedic
  • Well this is a complicated question to answer simply. A bad trip isn’t really a whole different experience contrary to belief. LSD enhances your emotions, thoughts, and imagination, and having a bad trip consists of the same visuals as a usual trip. However, since you are paranoid, you will interpret those visuals in a completely different way than you would a good trip. For example, the only bad trip I’ve had was very positive in the first half of the experience, but then came on as my friend started becoming a ᴅιcκ to me; it was a depressing trip, not scary at all. But if it was scary, it would’ve had the same visual effects, they would have just been frightening to me instead of sorrowing. Patterns were swimming and melting on the walls and carpet, and I likened them to my friends; so in essence, my friends were melting away from me. But I knew it was just the vulnerability of my own mind to cause these feelings. One thing that is different between good and bad trips is your imagination. Your imagination is most likely so vivid it seems real, or at least semi-real, and people having very negative thoughts can have a very negative imagination to the point where they “imagine” (KEY word) things coming to kill or harm them. In reality though, LSD doesn’t produce full-blown hallucinations of monsters coming to slice and dice you, it’s just the vivid imagination. And once the imagination goes down hill, you can’t stop thinking the bad thoughts, thus causing more negative imagery in the mind. A bad trip contorts the mind into thinking the experience is anything but amazing; it can cause you to feel feelings of sheer horror, suicidal depression, alienation, anger, overwhelming jealousy, hatred, etc. But the one thing that will prevent any possible psychosis in the long term is knowing that it’s all in the mind and nothing will hurt you. No matter what you think, you are in control of your own body and thoughts, not the experience (people just get so absorbed in the experience that they forget they have willpower). It’s not that common to be pulled into a bad trip, and it’s pretty simple to crawl back out of one. A somewhat simple way to get out of a bad trip is music. Put on soothing music with no dark hidden meanings. You might also want to turn on or off the lights; whatever makes you feel more comfortable. Distraction is the primary enemy of a psychedelic crisis, so watching a comedy or talking to friends can greatly reduce fear, alienation, depression, horror, etc.

  • That’s bullѕнι𝓉 man. I do LSD all the time and you can look in the mirror. If you are inexperienced it might scare you that your pupils are huge and your face could start melting or something but its all good. The thing about acid is you can see crazy **** but you still know that it is a hallucination. Now mushrooms are a whole different story.

    Someone said you will think you are drowning and try to save yourself, what a ʄʉc̫k̫ing moron. You will not do that on LSD unless you are retarded to begin with. There are so many urban legends about LSD but it is really one of the safest drugs there is, way safer then alcohol. More people have developed mental illness from alcohol then LSD. It takes approximately 4500 hits to OD. Check this out: http://www.erowid.org/references/refs_view.php?A=S…

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  • Well, I’ve never done LSD, so I wouldn’t know, but with the brain as complicated as it is, and the fact the one is messing with it like that, seeing yourself in a state a hallucination could possibly affect your self-perception, it might a suicidal reaction. I do know you shouldn’t look into a pool when you’re tripping, because you’ll see your reflection and think you’re drowning, then you’d probably try to save yourself and drown in the process.

  • you will freak the **** out

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